Thursday, 29 April 2010

Devin Townsend "Afraid of your own potential"

I should really be sleeping and not awake watching video interviews but these guys have some great ones. Strapping Young Lad ruled my world when City was first released, and I followed Devin Townsend closely for many many years. Ocean Machine, Infinity, Physicist and Terria we're all big musical moments for me. Interesting to hear his thoughts and ideas on his place and his music's place in the world now. He speaks briefly about the musical climate here in Canada which I've been heavily pondering myself for the past several years. When someone on his level speaks such a way about it really brings certain things into perspective.

Perhaps a planned/hoped for sojourn and/or exodus from Toronto isn't the worst idea? You tell me...


This is a long one (38min) but well worth watching if you have any interest in the cosmology of Secret Chiefs 3. The interview touches on a lot of different topics. I wish more interviews we're as in depth and varied as this one.

Secret Chiefs 3 Interview HARDTIMES . CA

HARDTIMES.CA | MySpace Video

Saturday, 17 April 2010

poster for Svarte Greiner show

by Artie Wosko

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Gardenia playing with Svarte Greiner May 16th

SVARTE GREINER (Norway / Type Records)

THE SIGHT BELOW (Seattle, Washington / Ghostly International)



And... DJ Craig Dunsmuir

Sunday, May 16th
$8 at the door


download a full SVARTE GREINER live set here
recorded in Moscow, 2009 a "45min improvised set using Electro-Accoustic + Electric Guitar, Bow, Effect pedals, Turntable & Laptop. Including a vinyl manipulated version of 7" Raggsokk."

both SVARTE GREINER full lengths, 'Kappe' and 'Knive' can be streamed in their entirety from TYPE Records

free download of 'THE SIGHT BELOW - No Place For Us' EP from Ghostly International.

find NICK STORRING releases for (cheap!) download here

with the help of BURN DOWN THE CAPITAL
check out all the other amazing shows happening in Toronto thanks to these fine gentlemen

Friday, 9 April 2010


no other words needed. just read.