Saturday, 17 July 2010


quick preview of a new Gardenia release. Live recording of a performance from December 09, w/ Nick Storring (hence the name affix). packaging for this one will consist of printed mylar sleeves, various magazine pages and printed CDR's. Possibly something else, we'll see how execution and construction goes. Will have a batch of these ready for the ELECTRIC ECLECTICS festival coming up at the end of the month. If I can squeeze them in I'll also have some preview/rough versions of the music I did for Karol Orzechowski's short film, THE CALL.

also, you can listen to all the past releases in their entirety (and even buy digital copies if you so wish) here

The realm of Gardenia seems to be picking up these days, more to come very soon.....

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

John Farah interview

great interview with John Farah up here:

"I liken it to trying an olive for the first time. You want to spit it out but there's something about it that makes you want another. Discovering atonality was like that for me."

John is one of the contributors currently working on an ORCA remix for the forthcoming release 'Gravitational Singularity'