Monday, 29 September 2008


ORCINUS is the experimental alter ego to ORCA. Created as a way to channel some of the more abstract, psychedelic and esoteric elements that emerged during the initial sessions of ORCA. After the winter of MMVI-MMVII there was a stack of 4trk tapes and Mini-disc's full of various material. Much of it was ideas, parts and practices of ORCA but the rest was something different, something that needed a home of it's own. The intention of this project is to clear the mental palate, to explore the immensity of abstraction and free improvisation.

Currently untitled cassette coming out soon. Check out preview of the audio on the myspace page. Just need to find a way to duplicate the damn tapes.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


GARDENIA / Hemispheres I
40 min cd-r in a edition of 21 in handmade packaging.

These recordings are from the winter of 06-07 and while I think I've grown past what they are this release exists to document the beginning of this project and the process the music and ideas have gone through. Also just to clear up my own mental space. These particular recordings are heavily influenced by Tarentel, Tim Hecker, Earth, loops and repetition. These are mostly going to end up in the hands of friends, so if you want one let me know before they are gone. Hemispheres is going to be a series of releases containing most of the recordings I've done for Gardenia in the past 2 years.

Next release in the works at this very moment is a cassette for ORCINUS, which is the experimental other half of ORCA. Check out the link at the right for some sounds. That one is also some older material from around the same time period. It was recorded straight to 4rk in the practice space in the Fall of 06. Heavy, psych jams that fall deep into the black of outer space with some free jazz and tribal like drumming thrown in for good measure.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hemispheres I insert and another Orca photo

This is the insert for the Gardenia - Hemispheres I - CD-R that is currently underway. Small run of 21, which is exactly how many sleeves I had left. Packaging is made from the paintings I did a little while back. All three cut-up fit perfectly into the 21 sleeves. Some things are just meant to be. This release was originally intended to be a cassette, but that will be Hemispheres II. Probably followed by another CD-R at which point I'll see how far I want to take the Hemispheres releases. More info/photos to come.....

and an additional photo from the Orca show. This one is a heavy. Thanks again to Karol.