Monday, 30 January 2012

GATES 'Eintraum'

New Gates album to be released by Chicago based Land of Decay. For those not familiar, it's run by André Foisy & Terence Hannum of Locrian and they specialize in small limited edition releases, currently focusing on cassettes. Art and layout is underway. This is tentatively set for a March release.

Recorded this past December and partially back in June 2011. Eintraum is based in the realm between sleeping and waking. Attempting to formulate a journey unguided by mere words, driven by the unconscious through the depths of images that reside in the shadows of the mind. Drawing on an initial and straight forward concept to create an unremitting sonic wall of synths and guitars utilizing the vocabularies of noise, black metal and ambient music while focusing on a purely textural layering of each element.

listen to "Forest Passageway, Hallway to the Void"

Gates - Forest Passageway, Hallway to the Void by BWBray