Friday, 30 November 2012


Cover image above for the LP version of The Prevailing Wind, to be released by Ivory Antler Records early 2013 in conjunction with the Moths Have Eaten the Core LP on Anti-Matter Records. This was originally released by Astral Ra May 2011 in an edition of 50 cassettes. This is also the only Gates album thus far that has not appeared online for download due to the fact that I never released a digital version via bandcamp or otherwise. So this will come to light again in the analog domain.

Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. Photos and art by A.E. Csaky and myself. Her photos grace the insert and vinyl labels. Rest of the layout, photos and illustration are adapted from the art of the cassette edition.

Both this and the Moths Have Eaten the Core LP's are entering production. All details pertaining to both along with the special dual edition forthcoming. Expect an announcement in December.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Cover image for the LP version of Gates debut album Moths Have Eaten the Core, coming soon from Anti-Matter Records. Originally released by Astral Ra late 2010 in a edition of 100 CD's and then reissued by Ivory Antler at the end of 2011 in another edition of 100 CD's with altered artwork. This edition is radically different visually, featuring the stunning photography of A.E. Csaky. The music has been remastered for vinyl and digital by James Plotkin.

Along with this, the second Gates album 'The Prevailing Wind', will be released as an LP by Ivory Antler records which also will feature A.E. Csaky's photography and audio mastered by James Plotkin.

Anti-Matter and Ivory Antler will be working together to create a special limited edition package that will house both LP's along with some extras. Final word on those and other details along with more pictures of art & layouts to come soon as everything is entering production shortly.