Wednesday, 14 January 2015


The debut release for Cetacea, which was originally released by Ivory Antler Records as one in a series of six cassettes with other artists for Record Store Day 2012, is available for download via bandcamp. Work on a new album, a proper full-length, has begun. So far some of the material has been performed live in various manifestations and there are a few titles floating around but nothing has solidified as of yet. More to announce as progress is made.

Throughout 2014 I managed to collect several live recordings of sets in varying qualities. Some self recorded, others kindly captured by others. There was some brief plans to release some of these digitally late last year as an ongoing series of live recordings. First one was almost ready to go to coincide for a show that happened late November with Evan Caminiti, Castle If and Michael Mucci but was scrapped at the time due to, what I felt was, lack of worthy fidelity. I'm going to re-approach this project and perhaps make something of it in the near future.

There are, however, some extra recordings that were done in the same sessions for 'Glyphs' that are indeed worthy of release. I've been letting these sit undisturbed for nearly two & a half years. Upon listening to them again recently decided they could be set free unto the world. Those will be made available on bandcamp for download and then maybe a short run of cassettes will manifest. Until then, please enjoy Glyphs, which can be downloaded and/or streamed via the link below.

Finally, Cetacea will perform live this Thursday in Toronto along side friends Clara Engel and Moonwood, both of whose music is well worth your time (click their names for links).

You can find some info about that show HERE
(with Cetacea erroneously listed as Cetacean)


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