Wednesday, 14 January 2015


The debut release for Cetacea, which was originally released by Ivory Antler Records as one in a series of six cassettes with other artists for Record Store Day 2012, is available for download via bandcamp. Work on a new album, a proper full-length, has begun. So far some of the material has been performed live in various manifestations and there are a few titles floating around but nothing has solidified as of yet. More to announce as progress is made.

Throughout 2014 I managed to collect several live recordings of sets in varying qualities. Some self recorded, others kindly captured by others. There was some brief plans to release some of these digitally late last year as an ongoing series of live recordings. First one was almost ready to go to coincide for a show that happened late November with Evan Caminiti, Castle If and Michael Mucci but was scrapped at the time due to, what I felt was, lack of worthy fidelity. I'm going to re-approach this project and perhaps make something of it in the near future.

There are, however, some extra recordings that were done in the same sessions for 'Glyphs' that are indeed worthy of release. I've been letting these sit undisturbed for nearly two & a half years. Upon listening to them again recently decided they could be set free unto the world. Those will be made available on bandcamp for download and then maybe a short run of cassettes will manifest. Until then, please enjoy Glyphs, which can be downloaded and/or streamed via the link below.

Finally, Cetacea will perform live this Thursday in Toronto along side friends Clara Engel and Moonwood, both of whose music is well worth your time (click their names for links).

You can find some info about that show HERE
(with Cetacea erroneously listed as Cetacean)

Friday, 28 February 2014


Show above is the piece created by Reuben Sawyer / Rainbath Visual for 'Through the Howling Infinite' and below that a shot of the debossed logo on the large 'obi' or band for the 2LP packaging. 

- Includes bonus track 'Absence (Choral)' and 8 page booklet.

THE PREVAILING WIND - digital version
Includes bonus track 'Frost (coda)' and 8 page booklet.

'Through the Howling Infinite' is a double LP package in an edition of 50 which includes both 'Moths Have Eaten the Core' and 'The Prevailing Wind' on 180gram black vinyl. Also included is a commissioned piece created by Rainbath Visual (Reuben Sawyer) and printed by Broken Press in Seattle.

The LP's are then housed together in a foil stamped, wrap around package along with the art print, a numbered insert and sealed with a large 'obi' debossed with the Gates logo. The packaging was produced by Standard Form in Toronto.

Both LP's come in the same packaging as the individual editions on each respective label: 'tip-on' style jackets printed at Stoughton, 12" x 12" inserts, vinyl in black dust sleeves, 11" x 17" fold-out posters, and download cards. Downloads include a bonus track for each album and 8-page digital booklets. The albums are available for streaming on bandcamp HERE.

This is a collaborative release between Anti-Matter and Ivory Antler. Please visit their respective sites for more info,

Friday, 15 November 2013


Gates will be playing three shows in December with thisquietarmy and Northumbria

Dec 5th - Toronto - The Music Gallery
Dec 6th - Guelph - Silence
Dec 16th - Montreal - Casa del Popolo

Sunday, 3 March 2013

'THEY HIDE IN THE SHADOWS' - digital version

Show above are the "pages" of the 14 page booklet made for the digital version of 'They Hide In the Shadows'. Available through Handmade Birds. This was originally available as a very limited CD. Putting this layout together was a pleasure, as the photography by Karol Orzechowski and the resulting themes and colours were just perfect. Would love to see this as a CD booklet one day.

To buy please visit the Handmade Birds store at:
Scroll down and click the 'Enter Digital Store' selection.

Friday, 22 February 2013


A long silence since the last update here but Astral Ra is reaching its end as new developments start to grow. Lots to announce in the coming days and months.

Above: a piece of undisclosed art for something very special

upcoming releases/

Moths Have Eaten the Core
LP + digital - remastered by James Plotkin, details in posts below

The Prevailing Wind
LP + digital - remastered by James Plotkin, details in posts below

CD + digital - Storm As He Walks - details to come, also searching for a label for an LP version

Palace of Mirrors
2XCD + LP - Handmade Birds & Hypaethral Records
This is the new Gates album, featuring the whole band.  

Friday, 30 November 2012


Cover image above for the LP version of The Prevailing Wind, to be released by Ivory Antler Records early 2013 in conjunction with the Moths Have Eaten the Core LP on Anti-Matter Records. This was originally released by Astral Ra May 2011 in an edition of 50 cassettes. This is also the only Gates album thus far that has not appeared online for download due to the fact that I never released a digital version via bandcamp or otherwise. So this will come to light again in the analog domain.

Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. Photos and art by A.E. Csaky and myself. Her photos grace the insert and vinyl labels. Rest of the layout, photos and illustration are adapted from the art of the cassette edition.

Both this and the Moths Have Eaten the Core LP's are entering production. All details pertaining to both along with the special dual edition forthcoming. Expect an announcement in December.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Cover image for the LP version of Gates debut album Moths Have Eaten the Core, coming soon from Anti-Matter Records. Originally released by Astral Ra late 2010 in a edition of 100 CD's and then reissued by Ivory Antler at the end of 2011 in another edition of 100 CD's with altered artwork. This edition is radically different visually, featuring the stunning photography of A.E. Csaky. The music has been remastered for vinyl and digital by James Plotkin.

Along with this, the second Gates album 'The Prevailing Wind', will be released as an LP by Ivory Antler records which also will feature A.E. Csaky's photography and audio mastered by James Plotkin.

Anti-Matter and Ivory Antler will be working together to create a special limited edition package that will house both LP's along with some extras. Final word on those and other details along with more pictures of art & layouts to come soon as everything is entering production shortly.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Eintraum flyer II

Copies are available from Land of Decay. The last word was that they are getting low, probably less than 20 remain. Visit to grab one.

here are some reviews for the album
Anti-Gravity Bunny
Meat Mead Metal
Black Magazine

Friday, 20 July 2012


Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD): An animal / human experiment to find the highest dose of a chemical that, when administered to a group of test subjects in a clinical trial, does not result in a fatality due to short-term toxicity. This dose is then used for longer-term safety studies of the same species, lasting anywhere from two years to a lifetime. The MTD test is controversial, however, in part because of difficulties in extrapolating findings to more realistic doses, and in extrapolating results from animals to humans.

Maximum Tolerated Dose is the first feature-length documentary by Decipher Films. Equal parts found-footage mash-up, verité investigation, and artful meditation, the film charts the lives of both humans and non-humans who have experienced animal testing first-hand, with hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path, as well as the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of animals who have seen both sides of the cage. MTD aims to re-ignite the debate about animal testing by bringing these rarely-heard perspectives to the fore.

Directed by Karol Orzechowski
Edited by Karol Orzechowski & Jonathan Eagan
Produced by Jonathan Hodgson, Jennifer Bundock & Karol Orzechowski
Additional Filming by Jo-Anne McArthur & Guna Subramaniam
With Selected Archival Footage from The BUAV & Igualdad Animal
Music by Wyrd Visions and Bryan W. Bray

on tour now. here are the next batch of dates. Full info at

July 21st, 7 pm: MTD screening @ 2233 w Dickerson road
July 24th, 7 PM – MTD screening @ The Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd.
July 27th, 7 PM - Screening of MTD and Q&A @ The Wildcat, 1105 23rd Ave. 
July 31st, 7 pm: MTD screening @ Camas Books, 2590 Quadra Street
Aug 3rd, 7 PM - MTD screening @ Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Flyer for Eintraum cassette / Land Of Decay

Monday, 7 May 2012

CETACEA 'Glyphs'

The first release for Cetacea entitled Glyphs is now available on cassette from Ivory Antler Records. Along with five other excellent albums which you can find some info about in the post previous to this one.

Cetacea is a new vehicle for psychedelic exploration. Attempting to reach farther into some of the sounds and territory I've been exploring the past several years. The land has been traveled by Gardenia and partly by Gates but this one goes deeper into the microscopic, into the caves, cracks and crevices. The Glyphs here represent the significance of musical forms as symbolic movements that I return to time and time again. Incorporating a variety of instruments on this: electric and acoustic guitars (some 'prepared'), bass, voice, Hammond Organ, Korg Monotron, various effects/pedal manipulation and field recordings. All recorded/mixed/mastered in a whirlwind three weeks back in February/March.

Excerpts below and you can find the tape for purchase via the IA webstore found here: IVORY ANTLER

Above/below: Art for Glyphs cassette and the front of a CD design I did after finishing off the cassette layout. No plans for that as of yet but I was pleased with the result and thought it worth sharing.

A second cassette release is already planned with another label which will consist of the remaining recordings from the same sessions for Gyphs along with some older pieces going back to 2008; which have been floating around waiting for a proper home. More on that once details are solidified.

Thank you for listening/reading.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


First release for new project CETACEA is part of this set and will also be available on its own after the sets are sold out.


details from IA:

We are very proud to present this very limited series of cassettes, each with exclusive aural and visual material created by the respective artist in conjunction with Ivory Antler for Record Store Day 2012. Each cassette is hand-numbered and strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide. All tapes professionally dubbed and mastered for this unique series.

Fermentæ (Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen) - Allusions CS
Terence Hannum (of Locrian) - Crown of Immortality CS
Demian Johnston (of Great Falls) - Untitled CS
Cetacea (Bryan W Bray of Gates) - Glyphs CS
Reuben Sawyer (of Rainbath Visual) - Untitled CS
Njiqahdda - To Escape the Tide CS

Several copies of each cassette will be made available for pre-order.*

This is the only way to ensure a copy of each cassette (There are currently only 3 full sets still available).

When pre-orders end, the remaining copies will become available for individual purchase in the shop on a first-come-first-serve basis.

*Expected to ship on 4/21