Saturday, 26 February 2011


Gates will be playing at THE MUSIC GALLERY here in Toronto on March 11th. Very excited for this one. I've wanted to play here since Gates inception as a project and especially once it solidified as a live band. This is part of The Music Gallery's "Emergents" series showcasing a variety of developing projects/bands. Many thanks to Jonathan Bunce, Artistic Director of MG, for having us!

This will be a very diverse show, no metal/hardcore bands on this bill so we'll be the black sheep (as always I guess). I don't know much about the other two, only having a cursory listen of VOWELS a little while back when they dropped off a show Gardenia was playing but I look forward to sharing the night with such a varied cast of musicians.

Hail to KEVIN GAN YUEN for the killer poster and infinite support! Check out his work here: VIRALOPTIC and here VIRALOPTIC blog

more event info can be found at,

Bring your lanterns.

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