Saturday, 19 November 2011

Through the fog: GATES ritual XIII

All photos by Karol Orzechowski. Please visit his site, DECIPHER IMAGES. Karol is responsible for pretty much 90% of Gates live documentation for the past year of shows. These are probably some of the most killer shots yet. He always manages to capture the same mood and abstract space I get into at every performance he shoots. A talented man.

November 2nd at The Garrison in Toronto. We shared this night with the mighty THRONES and DANAVA who we're awesome dudes. 4th time I've seen Joe Preston perform as THRONES and he did not disappoint.

Big thanks to Ryan Clark for live sound, and letting all of us practically float away on the low (especially Pau's) frequencies.

One of the most satisfying personal performances for me in a while.


Monday, 14 November 2011

THEY HIDE/WINTER package - available 15/11/11

Have a very limited quantity of packages available which will contain both live albums on CD and 5 different pins of various sizes. You can still get them individually from Handmade Birds (They Hide) and Ivory Antler (Winter). These are the last copies of both in my possession. After this it's just HMB and IA where you'll be able to get them. I know HMB has very few copies left of 'They Hide' and I only sent 6 copies of 'Winter' to IA. I believe they have sold some of those in the last month or so.

A Precessional Winter was recorded last November in Toronto by our friend Phillip Miller and was our 3rd show and first one where we really got it right and served as the foundation which we built our live performances on from there on. They Hide In the Shadows was recorded in March of this year at The Music Gallery (which is a church with amazing acoustics) and still stands as one of our best shows thus far I think.

There was thought/talk of possible cassettes versions of this material but nothing has moved in that direction recently so these might be the only format they will be available on.

you can purchase them here

Monday, 7 November 2011

video footage of GATES ritual XIII

These two videos are about 29min of a 32min set, just missing the very end which was a deep descent into rumbling strings slack on the necks. I recorded the set myself as well, to an H4 placed at the sound board. Hoping to get the audio from these videos to combine and possibly create a "live" release experimenting with two audio sources of the same performance.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Tonight GATES plays with the mighty THRONES at The Garrison here in Toronto. Also playing is Danava from Portland who I'm not familiar with but are touring with Thrones.

We'll have some surprises for our set tonight, consider this our Halloween show.

We'll have copies of the two live albums, They Hide in the Shadows & A Precessional Winter along with the remaining prints of the Wolves In The Throne Room / Thou show this past September. 

coming soon, Moths Have Eaten the Core CD re-press on Ivory Antler with reworked art by Kevin Gan Yuen. This should be ready to go by late November / early December.