Monday, 7 May 2012

CETACEA 'Glyphs'

The first release for Cetacea entitled Glyphs is now available on cassette from Ivory Antler Records. Along with five other excellent albums which you can find some info about in the post previous to this one.

Cetacea is a new vehicle for psychedelic exploration. Attempting to reach farther into some of the sounds and territory I've been exploring the past several years. The land has been traveled by Gardenia and partly by Gates but this one goes deeper into the microscopic, into the caves, cracks and crevices. The Glyphs here represent the significance of musical forms as symbolic movements that I return to time and time again. Incorporating a variety of instruments on this: electric and acoustic guitars (some 'prepared'), bass, voice, Hammond Organ, Korg Monotron, various effects/pedal manipulation and field recordings. All recorded/mixed/mastered in a whirlwind three weeks back in February/March.

Excerpts below and you can find the tape for purchase via the IA webstore found here: IVORY ANTLER

Above/below: Art for Glyphs cassette and the front of a CD design I did after finishing off the cassette layout. No plans for that as of yet but I was pleased with the result and thought it worth sharing.

A second cassette release is already planned with another label which will consist of the remaining recordings from the same sessions for Gyphs along with some older pieces going back to 2008; which have been floating around waiting for a proper home. More on that once details are solidified.

Thank you for listening/reading.


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