Friday, 30 December 2011


Over two full years since it's inception, the ORCA remix album Gravitational Singularity is finally available. Dwyer Records will be handling a special edition release that will include both Collapse & Decay and Gravitational Singularity together as a duel cassette release in a limited edition. Following that I will have a small edition of Gravitational Singularity available in special packaging. But you can get it right now as a PWYC download from bandcamp. ANY money made will go straight towards the Dwyer Records/Astral Ra editions. Physical editions planned for February/March 2012. As a further incentive if you pay for a download and want a copy of the cassette, I will subtract whatever amount you pay from the cost of a copy once it's out. This will work as a pre-order of sorts and help me raise the money needed to produce them. Please note this will only apply to the Astral Ra release and not to the dual limited edition version from Dwyer.

About the album: Artists were given complete freedom to work with the tracks however they wanted with the only guide being that it retain some thematic similarity to the original music. Contributions for this album come from Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen, Fermentæ, Viraloptic), Pau Torres (Etude Records, Lngtché, Gates), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Warren Bray (Grand Analog, ORCA), Piège (Nick Storring), John Kameel Farah and Gardenia.

The source album Collapse & Decay consists of three tracks, two long songs and a shorter interlude. The songs presented here are completely new pieces using the tracks of those as foundational pieces. Some of the remixes are based on a single song while others use parts from two or more, weaving separate tracks into a consistent whole.

I've listened to this album many times over and it plays out as something entirely new and almost seamless and consistent track by track. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and effort in creating this. I'm honored to be able to present a collection of music from some of my favorite fellow musicians. If you enjoy this album please take some time to explore the links below and delve into each artists personal work, musical and otherwise.

Cover art is from a piece by Artie Wosko (HRSLVR, ORCA)

Download HERE

Thank you.

further listening,

Kevin Gan Yuen - soundcloud / Viraloptic
Pau Torres - lngtche / Etude Records
Aidan Baker - Broken Spine Productions
Warren Bray - Grand Analog
Piège - Piège bandcamp / Nick Storring bandcamp
John Kameel Farah - / myspace
Gardenia - bandcamp


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