Thursday, 29 April 2010

Devin Townsend "Afraid of your own potential"

I should really be sleeping and not awake watching video interviews but these guys have some great ones. Strapping Young Lad ruled my world when City was first released, and I followed Devin Townsend closely for many many years. Ocean Machine, Infinity, Physicist and Terria we're all big musical moments for me. Interesting to hear his thoughts and ideas on his place and his music's place in the world now. He speaks briefly about the musical climate here in Canada which I've been heavily pondering myself for the past several years. When someone on his level speaks such a way about it really brings certain things into perspective.

Perhaps a planned/hoped for sojourn and/or exodus from Toronto isn't the worst idea? You tell me...


Blogger James McDonough said...

Bryan! I didn't know you were a big DT fan. I feel like he's overlooked in the more experimental and black metal scenes. I think he's like the Tom Waits of metal. Kind of silly on the surface but so much personality comes through his music, which is so well put together. The production on City is a milestone. I have never heard a record like it.

29 April 2010 at 15:16  
Blogger Bryan Walker Bray said...

yeah dude! I discovered SYL back when City came out. It blew apart many of my conceptions of what I thought music could be. I use to listen to that record endlessly. I agree with you and don't think I've ever heard anything else like it.

I always feel like Devin Townsend and SYL was written off by most metalheads at the time because it was so EXTREME yet didn't fit into any self-imposed boundaries and norms in any of the scenes really. Tom Waits is a good analogy for sure. Most people don't realize how much substance is actually in the music of someone like Tom Waits. I think the production values alone for both of them speak volumes.

I would also say the same for Infinity, that was another big one for me. Still very under appreciated I think.

30 April 2010 at 00:21  

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