Friday, 15 April 2011


Last month Gates had the privilege of performing at THE MUSIC GALLERY here in Toronto, Ontario. It was a long time coming desire to have Gates perform there and we had an excellent night. Everyone at The Music Gallery was incredibly accommodating and professional and to top it all off there was a goddamn FREE pancake dinner after we had finished. How's that for a follow up to a set of spectral doom?

Paul Hodge, The Gallery's Technical Director, recorded the evening's concert and we now present it for streaming via bandcamp. Orchestrated as one continuous performance of the songs from 'Moths Have Eaten the Core'.

In addition, long time friend and supporter Karol Orzechowski graciously provided us with a load of amazing photography, some of which I've posted below. 

A physical release of this may come about on cassette in the near future.

Listen here, THEY HIDE
one 33min performance split into 3 separate tracks.

thanks to all who were a part of making this event happen right,
Kevin Gan Yuen, Karol Orzechowski, Aleks Stefanov, Jonathan Bunce, Sandor Ajzenstat, Paul Hodge and everyone else at The Music Gallery


'Moths Have Eaten the Core' in III Movements
Live at The Music Gallery 11/3/11
Performed by,
Pau Torres, Chris Worden, James McDonough & Bryan W Bray
Recorded by Paul Hodge /
Cover photo by Karol Orzechowski /
released March 29th, 2011


Blogger Kevin Gan Yuen said...

I will say this: there have been many-a-events that I wish I could have been at during various point in my life and listening to the LIVE recording of this set has me wishing once again that I could be everywhere at once at anytime...


16 April 2011 at 03:52  
Blogger ihor dawidiuk said...

My general philosophy is to live life with no regrets, and for the most part I have aptly lived up to this creed. However, missing the Gates show at the Music Gallery is probably one of the first instances of me genuinely regreting something.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd, I wish I was there.


21 April 2011 at 20:36  

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