Thursday, 18 November 2010


The Gates show with Kayo Dot last week went well I thought. I had a really good night. We didn't have much time to prepare but it all worked out. We only played two of three of the pieces we played the first time around, 'Outer Labyrinth' & 'Inner Labyrinth', in order to keep our set down to 25min due to the time restriction imposed. I was more interested in experiencing Kayo Dot that night than actually playing too much so it was fine in the end. If you were there at the Kayo Dot show and if you missed our first show a month or so ago (which you probably did because there was only about 10 people there) and want to hear the whole deal, all three pieces from 'Moths Have Eaten the Core', come to this show on the 26th. We'll be playing both songs listed above plus 'Dust of Absence' and we'll have some lovely CD's you may purchase featuring all said pieces of music, albeit in slightly (or extremely, depending on your perspecitive(s)) different forms than what you'll hear live.

We'll also have a ton of prints available of all the posters from the last 2 shows along with the one you see above. All designed by the mighty Robotto aka Scott Sokoloski. Scott has been gracious enough to design and print the posters for all the Gates shows thus far and he's done an incredible job. I picked up the prints for the poster above today and it looks beautifully grimm. Also pretty excited I get to post this one at a much larger scale here on Astral Ra without going outside of the blogger template borders. Robo knows his aspect ratios and scale measurements like no one else! Looks sick Dog!

So come out to The 460 (460 Spadina) November 26th to see the new WOMEN IN TRAGEDY, reinvigorated as a 4-piece band and from what I hear moving more towards a nosier post-hardcore type of vibe. Most of all come to experience the abstract black metal of THANTIFAXATH, who I'm most looking forward to. Their music is fantastic and they maintain a veil of secrecy that's quite alluring. Show will be $5 and start sometime after 9pm.

more info/sounds/etc at the following links below and within above,


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