Thursday, 12 August 2010


Gardenia w/ Nick Storring - 'Ocean Basin'
edition of 100 CDR's
mylar sleeves overlayed on various different magazine pages & photos

Live recording of a performance on a cold December night at The Tranzac club in Toronto. This one is a long slow-burner of psychedelic drone. Deep reverberating guitar, pulsating electronics, cello punctuating throughout; all drenched in a deep fuzzy haze. This was our second performance together and truely captured the essence of Gardenia live. The show was put together by Tad Michalak's Burn Down the Capital & we shared the night with the always immersive and incredible Nadja and Ottawa's Adam Saikaley

This is going to be a special release in regards to not only it's packaging but the audio as well. 'Ocean Basin' is going to be produced in smaller runs, about 15-20 copies at a time, up to 100. Each copy will feature different artwork within the mylar liner notes. Right now the 'raw unedited audio version' is out there which is the live recording direct from the HD recorder. A single 38min track. Future editions may feature this split into tracks with various treatments to accentuate different elements of this piece.

listen to a excerpt from the recording here 'Ocean Basin' bandcamp

Below are some examples of the visual themes of this release as well as some packaging shots. See the post below for more photos of the first run.


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