Sunday, 10 May 2009

Will you be a voice in the dark?

One man found dead. A cold winter night. Alone in a truck, heart giving out. Only three people knew where he might be once he didn't return at his usual time. A normal routine ends it all. Another left alone with one less person to share what they know with. This reality remains hidden for years from the rest. Only dim glimpses of what actually happened are revealed.

Another man dies in his home. A Regular night and an occurrence that has slowly becomes normal. This time will be the last. Calls are made, people are pushed aside and the family is called in to identify the body on a tv screen at the city morgue. Lying there, toe tag on and still fresh, the screen, raising out of the floor, flickering and failing, is the only connection to the once living breathing body of life they all knew only hours ago.

Another day, years later, an open casket and the first true sight of what had been hidden away from them all this time. If only it had been real then. If they hadn't just faded away from memory without any real grounding for the absolute truth and finality of what had transpired. Had the grim reality become part of their psyches at that time it's possible that a great evolution could have been.

The only thing that has been real has been what he has know outside of the closed and scared circle of blood that is family. The only truth and reality of life has come from elsewhere. Gateways that have opened and shown him a mirror of absolute uncertainty. The doorway was open, beckoning voices calling out but that calm and familiar life was all that was known.

Now those voices in the dark are gone and all that's left is the dull throb of a glistening silence. A stillness that blankets everything and calls out with the voice of oblivion. This has been what he has known and he returns to it, with everything emptied out and ready......


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