Saturday, 7 March 2009


"Moments. Moments of great emotion never die. They are like purple diamonds swirling through the ages, or lavender pulsations burning, magnificently, about the mortal universe. Through art comes bursts of true life. Love and hope fly upward, like red and orange birds, into the chilled beauty of night. Yet, most of our lives are spun in lonely glass tunnels. Each in their own tunnel struggles through the pilgrimage from birth to ashen death. Frantically our heads turn toward each other. We want each other. We reach to touch. But the deceiving glass presses only harder against our trembling hands."

taken from 'Coltrane: A Biography' by Cuthbert Ormond Simpkins

Read this the other night. I didn't even go past the first page, picked it up from the table in front of me at a small but room filling gathering and was completely pulled away into the words. One of those moments when everything correlates into one place. All around you and all that's been happening seem to exist in complete balance and understanding. You realize that you exist within those wavelengths that pass through and are you. I sat and wrote down the above words in the middle of our gathering turned party by others, who had infiltrated our space and were interfering with the vibes of the room. But these moments I'm at peace with myself. They never last long, but that could just be a matter of changing perception, perhaps it will last and become something more, something different. Leaving behind the shards and remnants of that cracked shell, that inner core that became a container, restricting movement and holding all within. My idea of balance and peace are, I've realized, much much different than what many think. I can never pass the ideas along in words properly. But sometimes others hit it with words I would not formulate.


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