Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Pyschedelic Haze

Videos below from the show at The Smiling Buddha Sunday, courtesy of DREAM WEAPON FILM. Big thanks to Ayal for organizing it all, filming and giving me a lift with all my gear. Extreme gratitude! Highly enjoyed everyone's performances, THE DEAD ARE THOSE WHO HAVE DIED & SKULLBONG. /// TOMB GARDEN was given life within a very brief set, hopefully it will happen again sometime soon.

It was a pysched-out weekend. ORCA's show with ZOROASTER & AMEN RA Friday was massive. Both two very good bands highly worth checking out live. Haven't seen any photos surface from that one yet, not sure if anyone even took any.

Recorded most of the overdubs for Collapse&Decay on Monday, re-did some vocals (if you heard the recordings those won't be the final mixes) and had James from TITAN come in and throw down some serious lines. Going to finish it up soon with one more day in the studio, then it's on to constructing this beast in it's physical form for the record release show, March 29th.

thanks to everyone who was a part of making everything happen this weekend//


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