Saturday, 6 December 2008

recent musical discoveries

spent a extremely hungover day chilling out listening to records and exploring around various label websites/blogs/myspace pages etc, following all those trails that lead you off in so many directions. found some amazing music and artists.

amazing, amazing, amazing stuff. Double neck bowed guitar, 2 ebows, run through effects and looped and manipulated. Just go listen, take my word for it.

Again, just amazing stuff. This music gets right to your core. So expansive and brooding. Field recordings, contact mics on acoustic guitars, HEAVY electric guitar&bass.

Kvik / Close
CDr on Brise-Cul records from Montreal. Saw Wapstan play last night at an extremely drunk house show. Wapstan is Martin who runs Bruise-Cul and he was traveling with Simon who I met and hung out with several years ago in Montreal. We traded cds and I'm glad I ran into him. Kvik will cure your hangover. go listen to it now

Etude Records
Record label based here in Toronto. Tons of different stuff on this label. Particularly striking cover above of ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO's ÉPICYCLE.

Also check out LNGTCHÉ
Can't seem to upload the cover but the album Music for an untitled film by T.Zarkkof, demands a listen, and I haven't even heard it yet.


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