Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Buddha is Smiling

Thanks to the small crowd of friends who came out on a cold and depressing December 1st and gave a bunch of music/sound nerds their time and attention. And big thanks to Ayal Senior for putting together the show and to Glass Tomb for ripping a old school Ennio Morricone'esque jam and blowing the lid off of some long and noisey tones. No collaboration went down and Skull Bong cancelled but hopefully we'll all meet up again in the near future.

Also much appreciation and respect to Winston Hacking for letting me use his Microprojections film again after the near meltdown of my computer and huge amounts of frustration trying to get together my film. Last time I played The Buddha we collaborated and I improvised to the film. This time I just let it play and did my thing. Weird moment when I ended the first portion of my set the dvd stopped at exactly the same moment. ? No idea why, played the second part of my set to The Earth Dies Screaming (old film, not the Tom Waits song 'The Earth DIED Screaming) which turned out some interesting results.

Original plan was to bring the JCM900 AND the Model T, probably would have cleared the room if I had. Just went with the JCM though, and didn't use the gain channel, but it was still plenty. Every Gardenia show has had different pedal set ups and/or amp(s) and I think I want to continue that path. My set was definitely the loudest gardenia has been yet and goddamn I needed it. I finally felt closer to the state of release I try to reach when performing live. A combination of that intimate subconscious level you reach on your own and trying to translate what comes from that to others undiluted. If I can iron out some of the weird performace particularities of this project I'll eventually be able to fucking clear the ground and swim through the frequencies.

some clips from video footage below.


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