Tuesday, 2 December 2008


GARDENIA // Hemispheres II
CD-R in an edition of 45
30 with painted sleeves on brown paper
12 of those with obi strip
15 with various paintings/photocopies
4 tracks / 36:56

Four more tracks in the Hemispheres series. These particular recordings were done last winter (07-08) and represent the noisier and darker side of Gardenia as well as a more mature approach to improvisation. More textural dynamic shifts, tone generating experimentation & loop manipulation, pedals are played as much as the guitar. Still drone but more sporadic ideas weaving in and out of each other. A larger sonic palate is explored, walls of shifting noise, redlining octave doubling guitar, minimal space and a decent into deep frequencies. Some notable influences on this one, Merzbow, Stephen O'Malley, House of Low Culture & Mick Barr.


I spent a good amount of time on the audio this time (HSI I just wanted to finish and didn't gloss over the tracks very much). EQ, mixing and small amount of mastering. Pretty happy overall, I would say everything has improved. Only snag was printing the inserts, found this awesome double colour cardstock, grey & black, but no shop would put it through their laser printer and I had to go inkjet. The ink didn't set right and some of it can be wiped away if you rub it with your fingers. Fucking hell, but what can you do? Didn't realize it until it was almost done and I wanted it ready for a upcoming show (last night). I may redo some of them if I can find a suitable paper but for now if you get one of these just make sure you don't touch the ink!


Infinite thanks the following people // Michelle for supporting since the start, putting up with constant noise and letting me borrow her car for every show / Scott Sjoholm for printing both HS cds / Artie for his design advice and input / Karol for photos and helping out with film / Graham for coming out everytime and the magazine article/interview (upcoming) / Bron for audio/mastering help / Scott Sokolski for burning cds / everyone who has expressed interest and/or put forth kind words & the various promoters/individuals {Matt, Vanessa, Ayal, Mike} for giving me some shows.


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