Monday, 4 June 2007


Saturday, May 26th 11pm

The above picture is where the original location of the show was suppose to happen, at Guildwood Park. The cops shut it down before it even started. It was then relocated....

The night was beautiful. There was a certain level of energy reached durning APESHIT's performance that not even the eventual police presence late on could deter. Cosmic energies were flowing free.
I had myself so prepared for this with a backpack full of items; water, snacks, umbrella, rainjacket, etc. Most of which I didn't end up using (except the umbrella) but it was the sense that this was possible, that it could of happened without any interference. That we might have all stayed on that beach until the sun was coming up, to then wander off for breakfast and/or homes/beds. That the beautiful possibility of something like this was made a reality if even for only 3 hours is worth so much.

more photos
video here


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