Sunday, 28 January 2007


To begin,

this blog will contain news, info and happenings of musical projects I'm involved in as well all manner of interests and fascinations in my life. As my website still exists in the void of the internet without a place to call home and my need for some form of output has increased I decided to make this blog.


My new band ORCA had it's live debut a couple nights ago at The Tranzac here in Toronto. It was a very interesting set as we had to keep the volume down a bit so as not to interfere with the other show happening in the back room of the venue. It was also the first time most of our friends who were present had actually heard anything from us. I hope we shattered, or at least fractured some expectations. Next live action will probably be with our good friends TITAN for their record release show sometime late February/early March. Expect massive volume for that one.

ORCA now has a myspace page up, no music there yet, but if you're a friend you'll probably get a cd-r from us before you hear anything on myspace, it's better that way. We have a stack of 4-track tapes and mini-disc's to sort through, edit and mix. I am highly enthusiastic about the future.



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