Sunday, 4 March 2007


Last Wednesday night I had the pleasure of once again playing in the SANDBOX, the monthly improvisational series at The Tranzac. The first was pure coincidence as ORCA just happened to be playing the lounge the same night and I was invited to stay and play as we were packing up. So it was great to come out and be part of it again. I did a interesting drone set with Michael Kieth doing vocals and another with my friend Johnathan Adjemian on piano and a young fellow from Guelph named Jake Neumann on bass. I performed with Michael at the last sandbox as well along with Colin Fisher and Nifty. I must say that it's amazing to find so many great musicians doing so many different things coming together to create spontaneously. I hope to do this much more in the near future, as I'm beginning to feel that GARDENIA is treading the waters of free improvisation for my strain of consciousness tendencies with music these days and ORCA is becoming much more of a structured beast.

Plans for a GARDENIA cd-r release(s) and performances are in the gears......


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