Friday, 22 July 2011


Available now from Handmade Birds in a very small edition of 40 copies. I have a even smaller quantity available from me personally if you are local to Toronto. I "released" this earlier this year online as a download/streaming but have since re-mastered the recording. The audio is definitely superior to those previous downloads.

Artwork includes photography by Karol Orzechowski and packaging by Scott at Firebrand. Kevin Yuen did the Lantern. Layout/design by myself.

go here: Handmade Birds Store

This was the second of two live recordings from the "Moths" era of live performances. The other being "A Precessional Winter" which you can read about below. Available in an even smaller edition.

possible cassette version(s) pending.

from Handmade Birds:

"Gates bring a refreshing sound to the dark landscape, documented here in this enormous live performance from The Music Gallery in Toronto, Canada on 11/3/11. Those of us that were not present to bear witness to this epic performance are still experiencing regret. Thankfully, the performance was archived here; a perfect segue into their forthcoming Handmade Birds full length due late 2011."


"What was that crazy pit called in Return Of The Jedi that would swallow people whole when they were thrown in? Well picture that pit as Pink Floyd, and picture someone throwing a copy of Sunn O)))’s “Black One” in the pit. The sound that would resonate for those few seconds is only a glimpse of the epic nature and scope of our newest ally from Toronto…GATES. We have 40 copies of their live album “They Hide In The Shadows” available in the store to whet the appetite for the full length due out later this year."


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