Monday, 4 January 2010

Nick Storring / Piège discography available

Highly highly recommended for lovers of strange, beautiful and intricate music. Nick covers a lot of territory throughout these releases. Artifacts is my personal fav so far, "An 8-part, 28-minute electroacoustic piece which uses broken violin as it's only sound source." $20 is a hell of a deal for all of this music.

from his fb page:

Complete Nick Storring & Piege discographies (so far) now available for digital download through me (Paypal). All music is 320kbps MP3 with original artwork included.

Nick Storring - Self-Titled (2005) $8
Nick Storring - Ao Vivo 2009 (2009) $6
Nick Storring - Artifacts (2009) $7
Piege - EP1 (2009) $4
Piege - Solar Valentine EP (2005, previously unreleased) $3

Whole shebang $20

Contact: nickstorring [at] rogers [dot] com more details.


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