Saturday, 23 August 2008

Flyer & poster for upcoming ORCA show

This is in 4 days. Super excited and incredibly nervous. Orca will be a 4-piece this time around, and there will be vocals. All who thought Orca was a two-piece instrumental band will now see the true intentions of where this band is heading. Mankillsman have some killer new songs they've been working on. Definitely make it out even just to see them. AKROID is one of the several bands all the x-members of Katja have started, for those who remember them. Haven't seen them live yet but should be good!

Early show! Has to be over by 11pm so it WILL start between 8-8:30

August 27th
Siesta Nouveaux
15 Lower Sherbourne
doors at 7 show at 8
8 dollars

here's a MAP
you can get there via a bus from sherbourne station or streetcar via queen/king/etc. 1 block south of king on the east side.


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